Prizes - Submission

At and  you will find all submitted applications when browsing with your smartphone.

The following prizes have been sponsored globally:
  • One ebook from O'Reilly and a discount code from BugSense
    for all participants that have submitted an app.
  • One year free Plus package from BugSense and 25 Bitcoins
    for the application with the best rating from most people after 4 weeks.
  • One HTC tablet
    for the best application using the OpenSense SDK
  • One SmartWatch by Sony Ericsson
    for one application using SmartWatch API that has not received a SmartWatch from the local organizer
  • One Asus Transformer Prime with Keyboard per team member (up to 4)
    for the best application that integrates PayPal as the payment platform and that can significantly increase the number of PayPal users and/or the number of transactions made through PayPal (restricted to user groups in Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Send your App submission via email at the end of the weekend (20 February, 6 am GMT ) to:

with in the subject :
Developers “name/company”

Here the info needed that you have to send us in the email text:

Name of developer/company:
Name of app:
Brief description (less then 500 words):

The elements you need to attach:

The APK (you should number the version if you plan on sending various
versions so our team doesn't get confused)
Thumbnail : 50x50
Screenshots : 128x192 (we can have as many as the developer wants)

  1. How long does it take until my app is online?
    Applications will be online after submission within an hour or so.
  2. Can developers work on existing projects?
    That is a tricky questions. You have to find a solution for your local event. Maybe the commits to the repo have to be shown or something like
    For the global prizes, it is very difficult to get an objective evaluation. Therefore, there prizes are more symobolic. There are no objective rules.
    The dev camp is more about getting familiar with new APIs and create a usable app.
  3. When will the global winners be announced?
    On March 13, 2012 during Droidcon in Berlin
  4. Is my country eligible for a prize?
    All countries can participate - subject to import restrictions.

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